#Dare To Win


BDO is one of the world's top global provider of accounting and business consulting services, supporting the private and public sectors in multiple markets and geographies.

BDO ISRAEL was established in 1983, employs over 1,600 employees through 10 branches in Israel, and operates Israeli desks in the US, China, India, Vietnam, and Eurasia.

Working in and with the Start-Up Nation has placed BDO Israel in a unique position, which enables both an accelerated and immersive understanding of the start-up ecosystem and dynamics, and the ability to create value for that ecosystem through its global network.

Start-ups think differently than established and mature companies, they work at different speed and flexibility than mature companies, and they face different challenges than mature companies.

We think like a start-up to better work with start-ups.

We keep up with the latest market trends, to foresee challenges and opportunities which might influence our current and future start-up clients. We listen to our start-up clients and understand what they need and when. We provide them with the most relevant service, advice, connections and support that would help them grow.


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