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What We Are Looking For In A Candidate

Beyond the technical skills

We believe in recruiting a wide range of staff from varied backgrounds with different concepts and points of view.  We place substantial emphasis on the candidate's personality, thus the recruitment process starts from this stage.  Only afterwards do we evaluate the candidate's technical qualifications..  When processing applications, there are a number of characteristics that we consider important:

Competence in communication and interpersonal skills

Our business deals with people.  We lay emphasis on an employee's ability to work effectively in a team, and to cooperate, build and nurture client relationship. Candidates who have a high ability to communicate with a wide range of people from diverse professional levels, are well aware that listening skills are vital for interpersonal ties.

Deep Commitment at Work – Ability to initiate and strive towards advancing and attaining organizational tasks and goals. 

High Learning Ability – In rapidly emerging opportunities and changing business environment, we need to be updated constantly.  We seek people who are eager to acquire new experience and skills, to stay uptodate and motivated, with intrinsic desire to develop and improve.

Ability to Foster Warm Relationships – Our business is comprised of people who work with people.  We are seeking employees with an ability to foster warm interpersonal relationships, capable of maintaining and nurturing them